Monday, November 2, 2015

Parkinson's beer-mead-wine recipe, beer benefits

They're saying xanthohumol is the ingredient in hops that might make beer better than other alcohols for PD.  In mild doses it reverses metabolic syndrome, reducing obesity and diabetes by helping the mitochondria.  In higher doses, it kills cancer cells by letting the mitochondria produce reactive oxygen.   In mild doses, it prevents harmful oxidation.

There are other PD-probably-healthy compounds in the hops, so a hoppy beer seems like a good idea.  I brew my own, so I can make it pretty hoppy.  I can give a quick and easy recipe for a "beer-wine" for PD.  Grapefruit and orange have several PD-beneficial ingredients, so here is my recipe for 5 gallons:
15 cans frozen grapefruit,
4 can orange,
1 can grape,
1/2 pound honey,
4 ounces hops,
5 chopped cloves,
4 TBLS cinnamon,
1 gallon water.

Bring to boil 10 minutes, let cool to 100 F (3 hours?). Add 3 gallon water in 5 gallon bucket sterilized with weak bleach and rinse. Make sure less than 80 F. Add EC-1118 wine yeast from amazon. Place lid barely on. You have a nice (or at least healthy) citrus very alcoholic hoppy drink in 12 days. This many hops will stop any bacteria. Place in clean soda bottles after 12 days or whatever else seals well. Check after 5 days to make sure pressure is not building up from more yeast action making CO2. Drink 6 ounces per day, placing partially-drunk bottle in fridge to be finished in less than a week.  5 gallons will lasts 3 months.

Also, beer has purines that increase uric acid that reduce chances of PD, that my above recipe does not include.

The alcohol by itself is also beneficial.

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