Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hunting and harvesting as related to muscle and memory building.

Eating after heavy exercise builds muscle instead of fat, supposedly because hunting animals leads to more muscles and less fat.  Conversely, eating harvested foods after mild activity would lead to more fat storage and less calorie-burning muscle in order to prepare for winter cold....assuming the genes are from cold places instead of the tropics.  Maybe there is a timing method for when the best rational thinking occurs (like before and during a hunt and you're starving and therefore coconut-oil-like glycogen is in the brain) and when short term memory is translated into long term memory (like after a big meal, if you sit around and think about how the hunt succeeded).  A failed hunt however, would have a crucial and depressing moment when you realized you failed, so that temporary pain could enhance memory.  That evening would not be just remembering the failure, but using glycogen and pain to plan for tomorrow.  In terms of a dementia patient, this would mean have them in a state of hunger before trying to get them to go anywhere or do anything, and then talk to them after a meal about the day's events and anything you want them to remember, but centered on positive and fun thoughts since enhancing the memory of trauma leads to extending the depression and stress.  So think and do stressful stuff when hungry, but be happy and relaxed and thinking about things that need to be remembered when satiated.

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