Saturday, February 15, 2014

random note on cancer treatment (partial email to Dominic)

In the 2nd video "angiogenesis" at timestamp 3:15 he lists problems caused by "excessive angiogenesis".  It's also a list of ailments that are associated with vitamin D insufficiency.  In looking all around in pubmed this morning, I have the following perception:  Vit D3's active form calcitriol stops angiogenesis.  Mitochondrial protein CYP24 depletes calcitrol and thereby removes a rodblock to angiogenesis. Some cancers over-express CYP24 which depletes the calcitriol which allows vessels to grow.  A cancer that responds to vitamin D3 does not increase CYP24. 

Hyperbaric oxygen and 830 nm light can push impaired mitochondria to generate more ATP than needed and once there is an excess of the H+ in the intermembrane, there can be excess ROS from electron transport chain leakage. If the excess ROS kills the mitochondria (the body is thinking there is too much mitochondria present because of the ATP build up) then it releases cytochrome C which signals the nucleus for cell death (via excess calcium and cysteine protease, Wikipedia).  So, ketones supply the carbons and hydrogens, hyperbaric supplies the O2, and excess red and near-infrared light can kickstart the CCO into creating too much H+ to kill the weakened cells.  Vit D3 can then close down the vessels as the excess CYP24 is no longer present.   Not just cancer, but also viruses.  This makes me think sunlight (UV for vit D3 and red-infrared for more ATP) and exercise (more O2) while chasing food due to starvation (ketones) is a healthy lifestyle.

Or, maybe hyperbaric oxygen and 830 nm light can help the mitochondria repair itself to swamp the fermentation pathway. 

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