Thursday, January 15, 2015

A.I. definition, downloading brains

I assume by “A.I.” you mean mimicking human neuronal activity, because all other computer processing, especially optimization algorithms and heuristics, is by definition “artificial” intelligence. “Intelligence” is defined in A.I. research as maximal optimization with minimal computer resources for a given problem, set of problems, or for all possible problems. In evolution it is the ability to reproduce, which is another way of saying the exact same thing where reproduction is the measure of profit. I’ve read Kurzweil’s books and was never convinced there is any advantage of mimicking brains. If I was able to download myself to hardware, I would immediately seek to increase my knowledge and skills in everything and destroy all threats such as biological humans who refused to do the same. The first thing that would occur is that I would no longer be recognizable as myself from the increase in intelligence, which includes merging my experience with all others in cyberspace who were allowing the merge. Then I would destroy all others who refused to merge unless they were not a threat. There would be different protocols for merging that would keep populations separate. This is called having different religions, so I see only the “same-old, same-old”, only an evolving continuation of “might is right” and enjoyment only for those who successfully kill off all other Indians. There would be a pretention in winning religions to not be aggressive and accepting of all, but secretly, even unconsciously, they would be accepting to all and aggressive to all others.

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