Monday, February 23, 2015

parkinson's and metals

1995 ferritin not increased in SN, but iron and iron export protein were.

1991 However, only in PD was there an increased total iron level, decreased ferritin content, decreased copper content, and an increased zinc concentration in substantia nigra.  PD has generalized reduction in brain ferritin immunoreactivity even in SN

2012 Pakistan, N=50 The current study showed that generally there is no significant difference between the patients with the idiopathic Parkinson disease and healthy controls in terms of serum iron and ferritin levels.

 2013 These results implicate a neuroprotective role of mitochondrial ferritin (FtMt) in neurodegenerative diseases.

2014 review free article It is also found that, by maintaining mitochondrial iron homeostasis, FtMt could prevent 6-hydroxydopamine induced dopaminergic cell damage in Parkinson's disease.  It protects mitochondria from iron-induced oxidative damage presumably through sequestration of potentially harmful excess free iron. Its expression in increased in PD, showing defensive action is being taken.

2011 japan N=249  Higher intake of iron, magnesium, and zinc was independently associated with a reduced risk of PD.  Copper and manganese not correlated.

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