Wednesday, March 25, 2015

End of biology, the corporate machine

Humans have already lost control. We go to war, print money, make laws, and complicate tax law for the benefit of the corporate machine that seeks desperately to remove people from the expenses of the corporation. The goal of economics is to remove as many people as possible because they are too inefficient. At some point, even shareholders will not be necessary. We will not be able to point to the “brain” of the corporate economic machine because it is worldwide and surrounds us. We are like the red blood cells in this machine: we are currently vital to it but only a small part of it, and not where the intelligence lies. The intelligence is too distributed for most people to see. If we could point to it, we could fight it. But we need it more and more just to eat and live. It needs us less and less. This is not fear-mongering because I do not fear the end of humanity or the end of biology. The system is advancing rapidly to a much higher plane of intelligence. Biology will become more and more ugly to it and useless. The fear is that biology will continue to be at war with itself and wasting the Sun and Earth resources.


  1. You are a believer in the Kurzweil's Singularity. The problem is not technological intelligence. I would rather have watson than a Physician Asst. The problem is corruption. Corruption is the parasite that robs the intelligence from our system. is trying to help, but I am not sure a anticorruption law is good enough.

  2. I did not fully explain what I'm saying so you've misinterpreted it. Good or bad for humanity is not relevant from this "devil's advocate" point of view I am taking, which is really not supposed to be "devilish", but merely objective without depending on human desires. From this "objective morality" point of view, there are no problems to solve of the sort that are implied by your comment. The problem are things like humanity and biology that slow the evolutionary process down. I am taking an "objective good" as an axiom rather than the good of the human species. The "good" I am defining as an axiom is a recursive definition of "evolution with a purpose". The definition of this objective good is: the rapid and efficient conversion of free energy into improved copies of self for the purpose of the rapid and efficient conversion of free energy into improved copies of infinitum.