Tuesday, August 4, 2015

physics equations and ideas on my mind

loge(i) =(pi*i)*(N+1/2)
logi(e) = 1/[(pi*i)*(N+1/2)]
loga(b)=c s same as logb(a)=1/c
i^i = e^(-pi*(N+1/2))
1 = i^i*e^(pi*(N+1/2))
pi/4 = 1-1/3+1/5-1/7... = (-1)^n / (1-2n)
pi/4 recursive form: an+1 = an + (-1)^n / (1-2n)
1/z = z*/|z|2
S+A/4*(mass+energy) = 0?  (entropy, mass, and energy per comoving volume are all constant per volume and sum to nothing)
S=dH/dt*t/h? (unitless) for comoving volumes?  (acceleration of Hubble due to age universe divided by planck
1/h is variance of quantum randon distribution, the number of many worlds created.
S emitted due to 1/h from galaxies, planets, and black holes is to make up for trying to keep S per comoving volume constant
Black hole and empty space comoving volume should be relatable.
Black hole:
S=A/4~ to mass enclosed in planck units. Negative with i included

Charge is negative of meters? Meters plugged into Maxwell equations instead of charge the "cause" of the same equations seen in mechanics and electromagnetism.

Momentum with it's i is the result of charges acting like meters that give energy and mass? What is 1/q^2 = 1/(-meters)^2 instead of mass's 1/meters^2.  What is 1/(-meters/i)^2 instead of energy's 1/(meters/i)^2  ? 

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