Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cure for age spots, scars, and freckles

The following were results obtained by mixing Resveratrol (that was in a japanese knot weed concentrate) with DMSO and applying for 10 days, about twice a day.   The scar on top of head was 10 years old from scraping scalp off on an overhang ledge. It had gotten worse than the 2013 picture and then I bumped it recently and it was swelling up with a scab that was slow in healing (see picture), so I applied DMSO with resveratrol.  The Feb pic was actually after 5 treatments and I stopped a few days later. I did not think much else about it, but you can see from the march picture that it finished healing on its on. It appears the DMSO/Resv kills the cells and stains them then it takes a month or more to clear out the dead/stained material.

The Mole/age spot/whatever on the side of the head started about 6 years ago and was beginning to look a little frightening, getting raised above the skin 0.5 mm.  I have a close up of it that shows how remarkable this is. 

Since I wrote the above I've tried it on several other moles and spots.  It does not always work, at least not after about 15 days of twice-daily treatments.  But I had some serious sun damage on my shin from old exposure and it had a remarkable effect there too.  I have picture of that plus the moles provably better (they might be better).  The spots on my shoulders have returned a little after a year, but they are still a lot better.

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