Saturday, April 19, 2014

lack of improving quality of life, rise of the non-DNA replicators

I learned about economics and have come to the opinion that the average American has not worked to improve his life or the lives of others since the 1950's, and that everything that has occurred since the transistor was invented is about manipulation and control of others, not about improving the lot of humanity on Earth, let alone the biosphere.  The lack of usefulness includes nearly all publicly traded companies that have done so much to destroy the biosphere, control Washington at the expense of all humanity and the median American's wealth, and above all to enable the manipulative to achieve wealth at the expense of those who sought to improve life.  Blind competition between people is what is giving rise to the machines. As the free energy from fossil fuels dries up, the competition will heat up and evolution of all memetic systems (including DNA) will lead to the end of the dominance of DNA in converting energy sources into copies of the replicators.

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