Monday, November 3, 2014

various thoughts

Most gay girls seem to have been abused when they were young.  Gay men definitely seem to have something genetic going on, even when they are married to women.

A lot of psychological problems in youth are caused by having secrets in order to protect a low ego. The secrets are almost never as big or important to others as the person thinks, kind of like they inflate the problem in their mind for reasons that may not have to do with the secret. 

Maybe love is the feeling that all of society (maybe even all of humanity or the biosphere) can benefit from the "union" or the deepening of the "union" (be it the many varieties of social love or romantic). This falls in line with the "selfish-gene" being an absolutely erroneous way of viewing evolution, i.e., the feeling of love could be the result of sensing in a deep, unconscious, and/or intuitive way (i.e., ancient instinct being a large part of it) that the "union" benefits all levels of evolution from yourself to the widest parts of society or biosphere.  Not that you realize it, but the feeling causes a motivation and it is all the result of ancient aspects of evolution.

Driving at 50 mph on the interstate instead of 80 gave me a 25% increase in gas mileage, 20% higher than the state interstate mileage.  From very carefully with as little braking as possible resulted in 30% better gas mileage.  Inflating tires from 33 to 38 gave 5% better mileage.

50,000 IU of vitamin D3 seems to greatly reduce the effects of a virus, a lot better than zinc lozenges and massive vitamin C, with the exception of 30 grams/day of I.V. vitamin C which had great benefit in the only 3 decent studies of its effect in polio.  Why can't information like this rise to the top now that Ebola is on people's mind?

A xylophone-type instrument with the notes laid out according to frequency seems to be the easiest way to learn and get started in playing an instrument.  Trombone, harmonic, and whistling seem equally easy due to the logical mathematical layout.  Pianos also have the layout if you only touch the keys at the level of the black keys, not at the bottom where the white dominates, and the complex sound of piano notes seemed to make it a late harder for me to find the right notes when trying to play songs I was listening to.  The sticking with 2 mallets instead of fingers also seemed easier.

Not letting your enemy know where or who you are, or even that he has an enemy, seems to be a key in warfare.  The first thing intentionally lost in war between 2 parties seems to be honesty.  Lack of communication seems to cause war.  Communication is a merging, making differences more difficult.

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