Monday, November 17, 2014

Maxwell demon w/ infinite memory = life (response to Arto Anillo, finland researcher)

I looked at your pdf.  It starts with the assumption that the food contains more G than the eater.  I am considering food that has more U than my theoretical replicator, but not G.
I have not seen a disproof of Bennett's infinite-memory demon, which supposedly works.  I do not see why an ever-increasing number of copies that utilize dU instead of dG, never taking the return path on a Carnot cycle, is not equivalent to this demon. (no net Landauer erasure). 
It would have to bring in extra matter all the time to hold the U it extracted from the food as a copy of itself.  I can't calculate entropy well enough to know if this universal decrease in entropy.  But it does flatten out U potentials.  I do not see why heat must be generated.  I do not see why the past must be erased.  These occur only by assuming G is used up.

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