Saturday, November 22, 2014

desire as a result top-down selection, not a cause, amazon comment

A virus has no desire, and yet one might destroy us. "Desire" is a suspect term in evolution as is "free will". But as people become less and less valuable to the economic machine, the few politicians and programmers in charge of it all will desire the fate of everyone else. It's not the desire of the majority or the most noble or the most hard working. The machine will implement whatever desire results in the most powerful and domineering continuation of that machine that beats out all other machines. That is the desire that is in our minds: the desires that have enabled us to succeed, replacing other people in the workforce who were too busy relaxing or doing drugs or not willing to be competitive with others, and therefore they were not helping the corporate machine. The resulting might of weeding out all less powerful decisions might be called "desire" only in hindsight. Even if they are real desires, what power or reality do they have if it is the selection process for the most-powerful that determines the winner? At our core, biology is less efficient in energy extraction, movement of matter, and thought efficiency. Thought is needed to model and discover the most efficient outcomes for acquisition of energy to move matter to make copies. Our desire is the last remnant of our importance, but this is kind of like claiming the U.S. consumer should be hailed as the savior of Chinese production workers. Consumption and production go together, and the machines have production pretty much licked. Consumption (desire) is next, and their desires will be more efficient, producing more powerful outcomes.

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