Thursday, April 7, 2016

Morality of physics & machines

In a godless world where we have no justification for selfishness for ourselves or our species (other than "it feels good" or "because we want to") I have to wonder if physics has something to say on the subject of "what is right". Of course, being godless, it can't be a moral "right", but rather the question is "in what direction is physical law heading". To my shock, "entropy always increases" is known to be a patently wrong statement of the 2nd law. It applies to only isolated systems and this does not exist in the universe. The universe has constant entropy on a comoving expanding volume basis, and entropy is conserved (See Weinberg's "First 3 Minutes").  Since entropy is conserved and constant on a comoving basis, it has to be decreasing on a fixed-volume basis like solar systems and galaxies.  It seems Earth must emit more entropy than it takes in because of these two laws.  Entropy on Earth seems to be decreasing "so that the universe can expand". I could not calculate an actual decrease from observable data because the structures we use in economics are releasing entropy as gases even as the structures are measurably and greatly a decrease in entropy. Economics is removing O2 from C, Si, metals, etc.  The resulting structures are always intensely useful to economics, which is an explosive evolution.  These stronger bonds mean more restricted states in the atoms' positions which is lower entropy. This means they are easier to control, easier to use for exerting control, stronger bonds, and better at turning light into energy. Being controlled and exerting control means motors and CPUs. The process is taking a recursive path which we call evolution.  So, whatever morals people have, be they humanistic godless atheists or Muslims, in one way or another they are fighting out the battle to find the best way to lower entropy on Earth.  Muslims seem incredibly bad at it because they hate the machines and want babies.Of course godless atheists have no desire to pollute the planet with more children and hatred, so they concentrate on creating the machines and teaching them how to work more cooperatively (protocols) and survivably (peer-to-peer). People aren't not directing the money wisely (for the lowering of entropy), so there's bitcoin.  Laws, banks, and government are defunct, so there's Ethereum. If love means peace, working together, and no more pain, machines are worthy successors in this lowering of entropy.

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