Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Space ship travel at 1 g acceleration

Concerning the "traveler's speed" in this, there are some who argue there is a problem with "exceeding the speed of light" by a factor of 1,400 times (for example, as the chart shows) when travelling to the center of the galaxy like this. They will say "nothing can go faster than the speed of light", but this is a problematic statement because all observers from all frames of reference observe all photons as always going a speed of c, no matter how fast the observers are moving. What they mean is that no observer can observe any traveler going faster than c. All observers go zero meters/second relative to all photons. So, the chart shows the traveler's speed as the distance he covered as measured by him before and after taking the trip divided by the time it took him according to his clock, the same as everyone does when they are driving a car.

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