Wednesday, December 31, 2014

example of rise of the machines: the U.S. military (Iraq, Saudi) and dollar dominance

Biology has no relevance to the near future of the Earth except to be like a virus and cancer that is getting in the way of the greater efficiency of machines. Locally-grown food with the help of new technologies may enable a great expansion of human population in the near future, but only to the extent that the people do not get in the way of the machines. For example, Arab populations for the past 2 generations have been in the way of the U.S. and Europe (highest machine to human ratios) acquiring the oil beneath their sands, and they have suffered greatly for it. For example, our best friend in the Arab states, Saudi Arabia, has a PPP per capita income 11th highest in the world, $54,000, equal to U.S. and yet a typical wage there is $5,000 per year due to the U.S. enforcing a monarchy that retains all the oil wealth to the detriment of its people. This may have something to do with 13 of the 15 hijackers of 9/11 being from Saudi Arabia. The humans have been fighting back as hard as they can, but it’s difficult when the military machine of the U.S. is as large as all other militaries combined, enforcing the dominance of the dollar that the machine uses to control the world’s population. I’m exaggerating, but not as much as people who still think voters have control the U.S. government.

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