Thursday, December 4, 2014

notes on "smarter than us"

This was only 1/7 of a normal size book, found online, converted to a 40 minute mp3 using TTS at 320 words per minute.

The "terminator" introduction is superb and I should dissect it to show how it is already occurring.  It includes the idea of using profits from the stock market to pay for actors to guide the public to guide politicians to keep his profits in the stock market going.  Includes the idea of remaining invisible.  Includes the idea that an A.I. can do exactly what you say and not lie to you and still you will have unintended consequences.  Impossible to tell an A.I. to think for you in solving a generalized goal without creating unintended consequences.  Sort of an exploration of various "I, Robert" ideas.  It might be why governed economic systems are good A.I.:  the economic part solves problems locally while the governing corrects the unexpected problems.

Enjoyed his comment that programming a computer is like talking to an alien.

Otherwise a decent casual read for those not familiar with the topic.

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