Monday, December 29, 2014

heat death, reversible goodness

Concerning ethics and morality, if my attempt at an objective morality (efficiency at acquiring ever more energy to move ever more matter = evolution’s implied goal) is correct, then it would seem to more rapidly bring about the heat death of the universe which is the ultimate in a peaceful existence. But this does not necessarily mean the result is random in terms of information even though it would be maximum entropy. At an ultimate level, computations and movement of matter can be correlated because 1 bit of information has energy (and therefore a mass) equal to kT*ln(2). As T ->0, information can -> infinite with near zero energy (I’m avoiding any quantum considerations). OK, so we intuitively know wasting energy is the physics (objective) definition of evil, where wasting is avoiding an increase in entropy while achieving a goal, and to be objective, I’ve been conjecturing that the goal is a repeat of this: flatten internal energy potentials, possibly even converting mass to energy, to repeat this process, while trying as best we can to not let entropy increase. Kurzweil suggested once we might even find a way to violate (reverse) the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy must always increase). Reversible computation (and reversible movement of matter) is the only way to not convert energy to entropy. Maybe this is already always occurring since all of physics is independent of time, with the 2nd law itself being the only exception, and we only have a perception problem: the 2nd is not an increase in randomness but an increase in information that is PRESERVING the memory of how we are going towards the heat death (peace). But it seems to me that if there is a conscious effort on the part of a super efficient A.I. system using reversible computation and reversible matter movement, then something has been achieved. Again, reflecting your own comments, maybe this is already occurring and we are just too dumb to see it.

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