Saturday, November 14, 2015

parkinson's: current pill goals

The stuff I do is really long.  Determining if any of them really helps is really difficult.  The strange stuff I've ordered from China so far is fisetin, apigenin, naringin, nobiletin, tangeretin, and hesperidin.   I'm looking into a lot of others. I see good results for the others I've mentioned in a recent and a 9/15/2015 post about a-Syn, but I have not made confirmation of bioavailability and ordered them.

The non-food strange things I do are hanging upside down sometime with gravity boots (to increase head pressure to reduce inflammation that I suspect in my case), wearing a 250 watt infrared LED helmet I made that may help in some cases of dementia (not that I have that, I just do it for cortex health), and laying naked under 1000 watts of halogen work lights with side reflectors to simulate the beach without UV.  The simulated beach seems to be greatly improving my mood, even if it not why my tremors recently reduced. 

In terms of nutritional supplements in my stock, I have about 100.   The following is my daily goal.

1 mg rasagiline
Vitamins D, E, A, B-complex, K.  (2000 IU, 800 IU, 25,000 IU, B-100, 1 K pill)
Calcium, magnesium, zinc, MSM. (1000 mg, 400 mg, 60 mg, 4 g)
Fish oil, olive oil, canola oil.  (3 g, 30 grams, double the recommendations)
Extracts: green tea, black tea, grape seed, ginseng.  (2 pills each, 3x/day)
citrus: naringin, nobiletin, tangeretin, and hesperidin (1 g each 2x/day)
melatonin (13 mg at bedtime)
5-HTP (currently about to restart, 200 mg 2x/day)
6+ cups of coffee
8 mg nicotine in gum (like 4 cigarettes)
200 mg aspirin
1/2 beer 2x/day
Food for PD in men: strawberries, apples, blueberries.
For me seems to help: broccoli, kale, spinach, peas.
I am less consistent with the following: ALC, ALA, NAC, citicholine. 
1.5 hour exercise with heart rate > 120 BPM.
No chocolate, milk, or stressful video games.
LED helmet and halogen light bed.

Everything I've listed has good evidence in animals models of PD or human epidemiological evidence,  except for maybe calcium, vitamin K, MSM and a couple others.  They might have support directly, but I have not researched them for PD.

Melatonin seems to have helped a lot in terms of my mood, and maybe 5-HTP too, if not reduced my tremors. 

I have minor tremor in left thumb.  It was starting in the other fingers and other hand before I recently increased my efforts in the above.  My mood recently improved along with the reduced tremor.  It could have been more exercise the preceding month, going from 30 min/day to 1.5 hour/day, the halogen bed or LED helmet, 5-HTP, melatonin, alcohol, the citrus stuff, vitamin E, fisetin, rasagiline more consistently, or MSM.  These were the new things in the preceding month.  Maybe there was more zinc, vit A, vit D, and magnesium.

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