Friday, November 6, 2015

Parkinson's: my tremor reduced

Morning: 11/6/2015:

My tremor suddenly reduced 8 days ago (11/29/2015) during alcohol testing and I need to document the changes to my regimen that may have caused it.  It typically reduced suddenly 30 minutes after drinking an alcoholic beverage.  After a day of doing this and a couple of days of mixing a little with my citrus compounds (naringin, nobiletin, tangeretin, hesperidin) the tremor did not return nearly as bad as it used to be. 

Mood is also MUCH better.  Holding mp3 player on my bike handle with "good" hand is no longer showing a tremor either, like it started doing 3 months ago.

These are the things I started right before the tremor stopped.  These are in order of best guess. "Previous" means days before the tremor stopped.

halogen light bed, 1000 W, 30 min/day, no water blocking heat. 
MSM (not best guess, but correct timing and potential).
alcohol triggering my body to keep glucose levels more even...tremor comes back when I am low on calories and stressed from exercise.
melatonin previous 2 weeks.
LED helmet, 20 min/day previous 3 days.
5-HTP  previous 4 days (stopped 2 days ago).
1 can green peas/day consistently beginning that day until today but now stopping today.
blueberries w/ 1 apple beginning that day but now stopping today.
started 800 IU vitamin E per day about 2 weeks before it stopped.
started doing more black tea extract, GTE, and ginseng about 2 weeks before it stopped.
hung upside down for about 4 days in a row before it stopped.
started mixing alcohol with my citrus concentrate and upped my dosage. (naringin, tangeretin, nobiletin, hesperidin, strawberry extract, tangerine extract, blueberry extract)

There was a cold right after the alcohol so there was more
Vit A
vit D

Things that I began or started more consistently about 1 month before the tremors stopped

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