Saturday, October 3, 2015

11 traits of irresistible people

It's all over the internet, but I find it useful and interesting. It's not just about being irresistible in a way that means finding a mate or getting what you want, but how to be happy *with* others.

They think about other people more than they think about themselves, and they make other people feel liked, respected, understood, and seen.

1) They Treat Everyone With Respect

2) The Platinum Rule—treat others as they want to be treated.

3) Irresistible people are great at reading others and they adjust their behavior and style to make them feel comfortable.

4) Irresistible people possess an authentic interest in those around them. As a result, they don’t spend much time thinking about themselves. They don’t obsess over how well they’re liked.

5) Irresistible people don’t dominate the conversation with stories about how smart and successful they are.

6) Irresistible people handle controversial topics and touchy subjects with grace and poise.

7) People gravitate toward authentic individuals because they know they can trust them. It’s easy to resist someone when you don’t know who they really are and how they really feel.

8) People with high integrity are irresistible because they walk their talk, plain and simple.

9) Irresistible people are positive and passionate...they see life as an amazing and joyful adventure and approach it with a joy that other people want to be a part of.

10) There’s a massive difference between being presentable and being vain.

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