Thursday, October 29, 2015

parkinson's, alcohol, complex 1, and personality

I'm curious if it's a diabetic-like effect (insulin insensitivity, syndrome x) or if alcohol is assisting the impaired cells by a different mechanism. Does it get into the cells more easily? Does alcohol not need the mal-functioning complex 1 in the mitochondria of the injured cells whereas sugar needs complex 1 in order to be turned into ATP energy?

In looking at genetic disorders that have complex 1 not functioning, alcoholism is very common. This indicates that alcohol helps their condition, but I have not been able to confirm it. Alcohol is associated with decreased incidence of PD, especially beer, which increases uric acid which is also associated with decreased incidence of PD. So a beer a day, or maybe once in the morning and one at night, might be a good idea. Once every 4 hours might show short term benefit, but very likely not long term benefit.

PD patients are well-known to be "serious" personality types for most of their life. So it is possibly no coincidence that cigarrattes, coffee, alcohol, gluttony (uric acid diet leading to gout) and weed all help prevent PD. But as one researcher said, whatever is causing the serious personality might be the cause of PD, not necessarily that avoid fun stuff is what caused their PD.

Alcohol and marijuana reduce cerebral pressure and release dopamine, which are more likely the reasons they reduce tremors.

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