Monday, September 7, 2015

corporate machine and evolution as physical law, yet again, a repeat of past posts, sent to NYT writer

The corporate machine is legally and economically required to employ the fewest workers for the benefit of the fewest shareholders. The corporate machine was not created for the benefit of humanity, but for the fulfillment of physical law. Our desire for efficiency without concern for the consequences is our mortal sin that is congruent with physical law. Evolution is a physical law that does not need biology anymore. Humanity and biology are outdated.  Photosynthesis is 20 times less efficient than solar cells. Muscles are 100 times less efficient than electrical motors. Brains are millions of times less efficient at any programmable task than computers.  Steel and carbon fiber are stronger than bone. The future does not need us or Islam.  Not even programmers are in control, let alone governments. Technology will advance rapidly once an anonymous cryptocurrency can fund rapidly increasing evenly-distributed efficiency (including assassinations) without interference from voters, governments, banks, the elite, or religion.  It no longer needs an even distribution of wealth or oil to fund its advancement.  Democracy, capitalism, and oil are outdated as far as the new technologies are concerned. Capital investment is only needed to gain market share and monopoly status, not fund technology.  The individual will be empowered to a greater and greater degree, with less and less control of the bigger picture which will eventually replace even his desires in addition to his muscles, brains, bones, and farms.

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