Thursday, September 10, 2015

new summary of least action as source of evolution

I believe there is a basic physics law that can show why evolution exists.  The "principle of stationary action" is a the most fundamental form of newton's laws and of lagrangian and hamiltonian mechnics.   Under thermal and quantum effects that prevent maximum and saddle-point solutions, it is called the "principle of least action" where minimums are the solution.  This principle says that over any time period, long or short, the average kinetic energy minus the average potential energy will be a minimum.  This means there is a bias against kinetic energy and a bias for potential energy.  If kinetic energy is less than you would otherwise expect, then there is less heat which implies less entropy.   If potential energy is more than you would otherwise expect, then again this is less entropy.  But this is not an additive effect since less kinetic energy implies higher potential energy.  But there is another way entropy is reduced.  If this rule is acting in nature where there are a limited number of possible chemical bonds that can be formed, then the highest energy bonds will be selected for potential energy, and since there are fewer high energy bonds than the total, this means there are more "copies" of bonds.  More copies is less entropy.  Higher energy bonds is also less entropy.  This assumes the mass, temperature, and pressure on Earth are nearly constant.   Entropy is always increasing in the Universe, but it is released from the Earth as 17 photons for each photon that comes to Earth.  The incoming photons are higher energy and come from a single direction.  The released photons are lower energy and go in all directions.   So the Earth emits a lot of entropy.  But the Earth can increase order as long as it is not larger than the entropy it emits.  It uses sunlight energy to make to do this.   So matter on Earth can organize itself to lower order without violating the 2nd law of thermodynamics, that entropy must always increase.  Matter on Earth is organizing itself into copies of high energy bonds in fulfilment of the principle of least action.  Silcon, metal, and carbon-carbon bonds are the new high technology and high energy copies of bonds and they are replacing muscles, brains, and photosythesis on Earth because they are more economically efficient.  Economics is evolution in action, economizing resources.  Economics and evolution are the result of the physical law of least action.

“los más aptos en el ambiente inmediato son los que se ven favorecidos en la reproducción diferencial”

My change to this rule of natural selection (that many have said is tautological and therefore not falsifiable and therefore not scientific) is this: the physics principle of least action seeks higher potential energy over long time periods at the expense of kinetic energy. This results in copies of bonds, and larger fundamental epicycles than one would expect from randomness. Genes are not a force, but a result of environmental energy acting as a result of least action which is the most fundamental form of newton’s laws.

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