Friday, September 11, 2015

how increased productivity leads to end of biology

No, deflation is a price decrease in goods and services that can be caused by a shift in supply/demand ratio of money or goods and service.  An increase in supply by productivity can result in labor finding new types of useful jobs to raise the standard of living and/or the employed working less to let the unemployed come back to he labor force (France's forced short work weeks), or the government can print money equal to the productivity increase to temporarily expand the economy with less useful jobs and asset bubbles or for infrastructure to have a more lasting effect, or the employed can stay at the previous work level and accumulate wealth as the value of the money increases (government staying out of it), so lower paying jobs and the unemployed with assets are not as bad off although sticky prices can harm this effect causing a deflationary spiral down in production.  This last option is where things go as the government has to stop printing so much money wastefully.  The long term effect of this progressing to the last option is civil unrest as the unemployed prefer war over hunger.  If you follow the logical end of all these effects you see the longer term trend I've described: biology being replaced by machines that are more efficient, which is why we are on a mathematical track to begin a population decrease about 2050 (UN) or 2070 (NASA)  even  as the mass of machines on Earth continues to greatly increase and this 6th great extinction episode of biological life on Earth continues, accelerating when the natural gas runs out which means the fertilizer runs out.

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