Wednesday, September 16, 2015

heat shock proteins (HSP) and heat baths for Parkinson's

I'm trying to copy the finnish study on the health benefits of heat baths because heat shock proteins are important to the brain.  At 105 F for 1st 10 minutes was OK, legs not under water.  Heart raised to 120 BPM. Temp was reduced to 101 F and I sunk my head for 2 minutes.  Heart rate got up to 132 BPM and fingers and toes started going numb, was nearly gasping for air under the heat. All this was after heavy 45 minutes on bike which felt good, then 16 oz coffee.  Sat up, dizziness like i was not too far from passing out was present.  This passed after a few minutes.  Two scales indicated 600 ml of sweat had come out, so loss of blood pressure definitely related to loss of water.  Tremor in both thumbs clearly higher and recorded on video.  Followed with 12 ounces of mandarin peel extract 12 grams, nobiletin 1 g, naringin 1 g, hesperidin 2 g, tangeretin 0.5 g, green apple extract 15 gram.  Feel fine 30 minutes later. Thumb tremor way down.

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