Saturday, September 5, 2015

low magnesium and PD

This is a summary of every article in Pubmed with a direction connection between magnesium and parkinsion's.  Seems like one of the most important nutrients that the general population is supposed to be low on.

citrate absorbs good and oxide had not effect.

magnesium  (MG)
magnesium inhibits alpha-synuclein aggregation in PD cells test tube
3 times fewer PD cases in Japanese with high magnesium
intracellular Mg protection in PD cells test tube
magnesium deficient mice are susceptible to developing PD
manganese (not magnesium) inhibits Mg ability to catalyze LRRK2-mediated phosphorylation of tau. PD in test tube. Relevant to explaining manganese (not Magnesium) toxicity and a certain familial (gene mutation) cause of PD.
low magnesium, phosphorous, and folate associated with PD and loss of smell. More carbs and fewer PUFAs associated with PD.  87 human patients.
Mg deficiency causes parkinsoniasm? (Russian paper)
Mg concentration of 4.0 mM completely prevented any decrease in the number of dopaminergic neurons due to MPP toxicity in test tube cells. "This is the first report to document a significant and striking effect of Mg for prevention of neurite and neuron pathology, and also amelioration of neurite pathology in a PD model."
Mg higher in PD patients' blood, but lower in CSF based on severity and duration of PD
Magnesium and PD connection first discovered in 1962. In 28 PD, delirium tremors, and familial tremors, patients not taking PD medication Mg was 50% higher in blood than in normal population than in
Only lower Mg caudate nucleus and lower copper in SN were noted in PD patient post mortem brains out of 24 metals tested.
Mg protects against Al and Cd toxocoty  in PD
"Magnesium deficiency cannot result in neurodegenerative disease."   (??)

proton pump inhibitors to reduce gastric acid can lead to reduced magnesium and lead to Parkinson's

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