Wednesday, September 2, 2015

inosine and uric acid

Phase 2 study on inosine by Schwarzchild who has a history of being interested in urate levels and PD. Inosine may act on it's own for PD, but it raises urate levels which are known to correlate with slower progression and prevention of PD.  Beer, red wine, spinach, sardines, apples, and strawberries raise urate levels.  They are taking 0.5 to 6 grams per day, checking blood urate levels to reach a target.

After 2 years UPDRS and depression scores in inosine group was better.

"The inhibition of urate degradation by flavonoids correlated positively with the inhibition of [lipid peroxidation]. Urate inhibited the copper induced [lipid peroxidation] in a concentration-dependent mode. Luteolin, rutin, catechin, quercetin had an antioxidant synergy with urate. Our results show that some flavonoids could protect endogenous urate from oxidative degradation, and demonstrate an antioxidant synergy between urate and some of the flavonoids. "

"the serum urate level after the strawberry and spinach treatments, also increased significantly. However, the increased vitamin C and urate levels could not fully account for the increased total antioxidant capacity in serum following the consumption of strawberries, spinach or red wine. We conclude that the consumption of strawberries, spinach or red wine, which are rich in antioxidant phenolic compounds, can increase the serum antioxidant capacity in humans."

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